Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feeling a little better

I'm starting to feel a little better today, but god do I hate colds. I was up around 3:00 AM and couldn't sleep after that because I had to blow my nose just about every minute. My fever broke around 6:00 AM this morning. I'm down to using a Kleenex once every 5 minutes now (6 if I let my moustache act as a dike in the river for a minute).

So much for a nice, relaxing long weekend. I should be all better just in time to go back to work on Tuesday. And I start my on call week on Tuesday. Yippie.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


That's how I've felt the last two days. I picked up a nasty cold somewhere and it's got my head in a vice. I've got tissues on autofeed, and have been taking Airborne like it's candy. Even Nyquil hasn't worked the last two nights.

I hate being sick, and I really hate being sick on a long weekend.

The good news is that Lisa hasn't shown any signs of getting it, so hopefully she won't.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby Update

For those of you still waiting anxiously for news on the baby front...

We had an appointment for a detailed ultrasound today, and baby A (the girl) weighed in at 3 lbs 10 oz, a marked improvement over the 2 lbs 7 oz two weeks ago. She's still only in the 20th percentile of baby size, but she is growing and actually gaining slightly on her brother.

Baby B (the boy) weighed in at 4lbs 7 oz, up 1lb 1oz from the 3lb 6oz weigh-in two weeks ago. That puts him in the 52nd percentile, which is pretty good for a twin.

At this point, the medical folks say there is nothing we should be concerned with, and that girls are usually a little smaller than boys, and that since both are growing, we shouldn't be worried either. Lisa just needs to keep doing what she has been doing. Eating and resting. He last day of work is Friday, so her life of leisure begins on Saturday. I then become her Sugar Daddy.

We're 31 weeks into the whole pregnancy thing, and everything points to delivery sometime in February. My bet is still on Feb 15th. Lisa hasn't picked a day yet. I think that's cheating, but she keep's saying it's not a contest. Puhleaase!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Can you see the wind?

The answer... not in the dark.

It got really windy here in the PNW last night and the power has been out since about midnight. Everyone is fine, but thousands of trees came down and power is out to most of Puget Sound. Work has power because we have generators running.

The weird thing is that the roads were empty this morning. I think it was because anyone who had to dry their hair this morning wasn't on the roads!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Amazing Song

Ok, it is country, but you HAVE to hear the song on this guy's web site The song is called 'Alyssa Lies'. if the hair doesn't stand up on your arms, you are not human!