Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Morning Glory

Lorelai was awake and standing up in her crib this morning before I left. I just watched her from the doorway. So cute. She was trying to sleep standing up I think, and kept rubbing her nose with her blanket. She sounded really stuffy. A couple of times she made little sounds that Reece responded to, even though I think he was asleep. He really doesn’t sleep very deeply. I was a little late getting out of the house because I stood there so long.

Watched a movie last night - The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Chris Cooper and Jennifer GArner. Pretty violent, but a great plot, well scripted, acted and directed. Didn't feel great at the end of the movie, but it did keep me watching.

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Eclecta said...

This post makes me miss them so much, but it's always nice to hear about them. Thanks for writing. :)